Toll Plaza Monitor

Our Toll Plaza Monitoring System enhances efficiency at toll plazas by accurately classifying vehicles based on FastTag class, calculating appropriate toll charges, and preventing FastTag misuse. This system operates directly on EDGE devices, ensuring rapid processing and minimal latency.

Key features: 

Vehicle Classification: Automatically classifies vehicles by FastTag class to ensure accurate toll charging
Toll Charge Calculation: Precisely calculates the toll charges based on vehicle class, optimizing revenue and reducing discrepancies
Misuse Prevention: Actively prevents FastTag misuse by verifying and matching vehicle classifications with registered tag information
EDGE Device Operation: Fully operational on EDGE devices for faster processing at the point of entry, minimizing delays and enhancing throughput at toll plazas
ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition): Utilizes advanced ANPR technology to identify vehicle plates quickly and accurately, facilitating easier management and tracking of toll transactions
Audio-Visual Alarm: Upon detecting FOD, our system triggers an immediate audio-visual alarm, alerting ground personnel for prompt intervention.


Enhanced Accuracy: Reduces errors in toll collection by accurately classifying vehicles and calculating charges based on comprehensive tag data
Fraud Reduction: Minimizes potential fraud and misuse of FastTags by ensuring strict compliance with tolling rules and regulations
Scalability: Easily scales to handle high volumes of traffic, adaptable to any toll plaza size and operational demand
Improved Tracking: Enhances vehicle tracking and data collection for better compliance and audit trials