Ropoli – Portable Lidar

Ropoli is a game-changer for pole inspections. This one-man, one-device portable LiDAR solution is designed for capturing hard-to-reach poles. Ropoli captures a dense point cloud in just 4-5 seconds, overlaid with a 24MP image including GPS & Digital Compass. The Data collected by Ropoli provides 1-inch level accuracy of pole heights, spans, attachments and guy wires.
The data collected is seamlessly uploaded to the cloud for pole-loading analysis, designing and drafting. Ropoli is fully adaptable to cityscapes, best used for sidewalks, back alleys, and rear lots.


  • Easy to operate
  • Upload data on the go
  • 1.2 million points
  • 24MP Imagery
  • 9 lbs. – lightweight and user-friendly
  • Capture in 4-5 seconds