UAV – M694
Engineered to perform

Mobile LiDAR

Most economical and accurate mobile survey

AI-Image Processing

Most accurate detection and identification
Customized AI Solutions

Tactical Tower

AI based 4K tactical surveillance system from elevated platform

Speciality Drone

We provide best in class products through our cutting-edge technology equipped with a variety of visualization tools enabling aerial surveillance.
Capable of performing actions that are beyond visual line of sight, equipped with highly secured Ground Control System (GCS).
Built-in collision avoidance & return-to-home features with safest possible flights even at dangerous & inaccessible locations.

Custom build Tactical Aerostat

Made-up of light weight and tear resistant specialty fabric
We custom design tactical aerostats of 8ft to 12ft sizes
supporting altitude upto 400 to 1000 ft
Our system is cost effective and user friendly,
can be airborne for upto 5-7 days before refilling
Easy to set up, can be launched and
commissioned in less than an hour by 2 persons

EOIR Gyro Stablized Cameras for Drones and Aerostat

Specifically designed for Drones, Aerostats and Mobile Surveillance.
High-speed, high-resolution EOIR cameras that provides superior 1k/4k/8k resolution .
Advanced AI software package tools helps in identification of a Object/person.
Video processing functions such as automatic detection & tracking of fixed or mobile targets.
Lightweight and compact equipment, Easy integration and versatile.

TacTower: Tactical Mobile Surveillance System

Equipped with advanced visual, thermal EOIR camera and video/image processing systems.
Low-cost, mobile watchtower equipped with surveillance cameras requiring two people to install.
Tower is lightweight and easily transported in vehicles, and can be telescoped from 6 feet to 41 feet.

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