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About Us

HC Robotics was founded by a group of professionals committed to deliver world-class products in the fields of drones, robotics and artificial intelligence. With top notch resources and innovation at our core, we develop next generation technology-enabled solutions.
By adapting 4P-2Ts strategy (People, Process, Product, Performance, Technology, and Tools) we provide State-of-the-Art drones, robots and AI solutions.
Our product line comprises of custom designed Drones, Robots, Aerial Manipulators, AI and LiDAR Solutions. We are committed to deliver innovative, economical solutions, and enhance safe and secure operations.

HC Robotics is specialized in Drones, Robotics, Tactical Aerostat, AI based Computer Vision technologies.  We serve the Defense, Telecom and Utility industries. Innovation at its core, the company heavily invests in Research and Development of customized next generation products and solutions.

HC Robotics has a strong research team committed to deliver state of the art technology products in USA, Australia, Europe and India. We have a partnership with the prestigious IIIT-DM, Kurnool, India, for Research collaboration on advanced technologies.  We are experimenting with the implementation of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Drone operations. Committed to deliver advanced, innovative, economical technology-enabled solutions, our products enhance the safety and security of operations.

HC Robotics aims to deliver value for money, with high quality standards to become a long-term and reliable strategic partner.

  • Patent pending ‘Special Drones for Police”
  • Patent pending “Longest and lightest Robotic Arm for Drones”
  • Patent pending “Robotic Insulator Cleaner for transmission towers”
  • The first to use Drones for stringing fiber optic cable for power utility companies in 2011 and received accolades internationally
  • Developed LiDAR based measurement solution with sub-millimeter accuracy
  • Real-time AI based object identification and tracking
  • Long endurance Tactical Aerostat
  • Research on Robotic Drone application