HC Robotics is a technology firm specialized in designing and manufacturing of customized drones, aerostats, LiDAR and EOIR camera systems. We provide best in class products through our cutting-edge technology equipped with a variety of visualization tools enabling aerial surveillance for telecom, utilities, military, law enforcement and border protection. We aim to deliver value for money, with high quality standards to become a long-term and reliable strategic partner.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, India, we have offices in USA, Germany and Australia, with a global resource pool of 300+ engineers.


  • Patent pending ‘Specialty Drone for Police Traffic Stop”
  • Patent pending “Longest and lightest Robotic Arm for Drones”
  • Patent pending “Robotic Insulator Cleaner for transmission towers”
  • The first to use Drones to string OFC for power utility companies in 2011
  • Developed LiDAR based measurement solution with sub-millimeter accuracy
  • Real-time AI based object identification and tracking
  • Tactical Aerostat
  • Tactical Mobile Surveillance System (Tac Tower)
Innovation at its core, the company heavily invests in Research and Development of customized next generation products and solutions. Our research team includes Ph.D. Doctorates, Engineers from IITs and other premium institutes, committed to deliver advanced, innovative, economical technology-enabled solutions, to enhance the safety and security of operations.

We are partnered with the prestigious IIIT-DM, Kurnool, India, for Research collaboration on UAV and other advanced technologies. We are approved by DGCA for conducting Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) experiments in Hyderabad, India.
HC Robotics


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