Current Sensor HCR-512B

Engineered for high accuracy and reliability
HCR-512B Current Sensor is the ultimate solution for precision monitoring of electrical systems in UAVs and other battery-operated gadgets.


High Precision:

  • Calibration margin of error at just 0.039% through out the range
  • Simultaneously sensing both current and voltage
  • 20-bit sensor for extremely linear performance
  • Precisely monitors current drawn from the battery


Simplified Calibration:

  • Only 1 value is needed for calibration compared to 7
    parameters in ArduPilot

Versatile Integration:

  • Compatible with Cube, MRO and any flight controllers
  • Easily integrates with microcontrollers, outputting digital voltage and current
  • Heavy copper layers and tie copper cables/ boards handle currents up to 300 Amps

Advanced Design:

  • Robust design suitable for harsh environments
  • Compact and lightweight, ideal for space-constrained applications
  • Plug and Play device, with optional calibration for enhanced precision
  • Increase Indigenous Content (IC)
  • Affordable Price
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Short Lead Time
  • Customization Possible

Hardware Specifications: HCR-512B

Rated input voltage7VDC to 60VDC (3S to 13S LiPO)
Rated input current300A DC
Additional output voltage5.3VDC / 5A
MicrocontrollerARM® Cortex® Microcontroller
InterfaceFDCAN (Compatible with DroneCAN)
ConnectorsMolex ClickMate 2.0 – 6POS
CalibrationNon-Calibrated: ± 0.1% full span
Calibrated: Less than ± 0.039% full span
Operating Temperature-10°C to +55°C
Dimensions85x69x12 mm
Weight52 g
Made in India@4x-8