HC Robotics TacTower is a low-cost, mobile watchtower equipped with surveillance cameras requiring two people to install. Constructed of durable carbon-fiber, the tower is lightweight and easily transported in vehicles, and can be telescoped from 6 feet to 41 feet.

Equipped with advanced visual, thermal EOIR camera and video/image processing systems, TacTower offers 360-degree surveillance making it an ideal solution for law enforcement, border patrol and military operations. It is highly effective surveillance tool in urban & rural areas, wildlife observation and mountainous terrain.

Law Enforcement

There are many instances in which the lives of law enforcement officers are endangered due to a lack of visibility. They are often faced with making quick decisions in the midst of high-pressure, high stakes situations. By improving visibility and awareness of their surroundings, better decisions can be made to protect officers and our communities at large.



  • SWAT Operations
  • Active Shooter Scenarios
  • Fugitive Search & Target
  • Perimeter Surveillance
  • Crowd Observation & Protection
  • Radio Repeater
  • Natural & Man-Made Disasters


Military personnel stationed in hostile territory can use TacTower to improve long-distance visualization and surveillance of the surrounding area. It is also highly useful in protecting troops from surprise attacks and other unknown situation. In addition, it can be used to place radio antenna to extend radio communications.
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