EOIR Gimbal Camera

Gyro stabilized camera specifically designed for drones and aerostats. The cameras are equipped with State-of-the-art high-quality image stabilization features and optimized for automatic detection & tracking of stable and mobile targets. The integration of light weight compact equipment and low power requirement ensures high endurance for the system.

Image Stabilization ​​

Crystal clear footage with better than 150 μrad stabilization

Compact and Light Weight

High-performance in a compact package (1kg to 5kg)

Automatic Detection

Real-time event detection of mobile and stationary targets

Multi-sensor Gimbal

Multiple sensors for comprehensive surveillance

Long-range Imaging

Highest DRI / best DORI values in the industry


Real-time geo-location target tracking for accurate positioning

Ground Control Station​

Centralized camera and gimbal management for effective surveillance​

Easy Integration

Hassle-free integration with various drones and security systems


A 2 axis gyro-stabilized gimbal camera designed to capture smooth and steady footage, even in challenging environments or during high-speed motion. It features a full HD daylight camera with the option for an IR sensor and laser pointer, offering a comprehensive suite of capabilities for various applications
  • Gimbal with up to 3 sensors for only 750g
  • Full HD daylight camera with a x10 Optical Zoom
  • IR camera with 19, 35 mm lens options
  • Optional Laser Pointer
  • FPan : 360° / Tilt : 360°
  • Stabilisation accuracy <150 μrad


By maintaining a stable orientation regardless of external factors, such as turbulence or sudden changes in direction, gyro-stabilized gimbal cameras excel in providing professional-grade imagery for a wide range of applications, including filmmaking, aerial photography, surveillance, and cinematography.
  • Gimbal for less than 1 kg
  • High end gimbal addressing mini drones segment
  • Full HD day light channel, optical zoom x30, IR sensor with lens selectable from 13mm up to 35mm and optional laser pointer
  • Inner IMU for stabilisation and artificial horizon computation


Utilizing advanced gyroscopic technology, this camera system effectively counteracts any unwanted vibrations or movements, ensuring that the resulting footage remains crisp, clear, and free from distortion.
  • Gimbal with 4 sensors, including LRF
  • Full HD daylight channel with x30 optical zoom, IR channel 640p 35mm
  • Laser pointer and laser range finder in an optimised envelope to reduce the volume to the minimum


A gyro-stabilized gimbal camera integrates cutting-edge gyroscopic technology to deliver unparalleled stability and precision in capturing images and footage. This advanced system effectively counteracts any unwanted vibrations or movements, ensuring smooth and steady results even in challenging environments or during high-speed motion.
  • Approx weighing 1800g
  • The best ratio weight/performance for long range IR detection with the capability to integrate up to 4 sensors
  • Unique combination of up to 4 sensors with full HD x30 optical zoom daylight sensor, one IR sensor with 60mm lens, long range LRF and optional laser pointer


With its ability to maintain a stable orientation regardless of external factors, such as turbulence or sudden changes in direction, gyro-stabilized gimbal cameras have become essential tools for professionals in fields ranging from filmmaking and aerial photography to surveillance and cinematography.
  • Weighing 1800g
  • Dual optical zoom for day and IR channels
  • Provides optical zoom capability, x30 for daylight and x5 for IR channel 75mm
  • Laser range finder and optional laser pointer to cope with various operational needs


The Chakshu 318 is a compact yet high-performance long-range observation gimbal tailored for demanding environments. Featuring dual FOV (Field of View) options of 33mm and 99mm for extended range capabilities, it also includes an LRF (Laser Range Finder) with a remarkable 14km range and the option for an integrated laser pointer.
  • Full HD day channel with optical zoom x30, dual FOV IR channels 33/99mm for long range observation
  • Additional IR channels offering selectable resolutions from VGA (640×480 pixels) to XGA (1024×768 pixels)
  • Uncooled IR Technology
  • LRF 14km range and optional laser pointer for a weight slightly above 3kgs for aeronautical and ground applications


The Chakshu 318ZR is a compact yet powerful long-range observation gimbal, offering high-performance day and IR channels. It combines a full HD day channel with an impressive optical zoom of up to 30x, alongside dual FOV IR channels of 33mm and 99mm for extended observation capabilities.
  • Weighing 2400g
  • Long range observation gimbal in compact volume with high performance day and IR channels designed for harsh environments
  • Exceptional image quality and uncooled technology for low maintenance
  • Option for XGA resolution (1024×768 pixels) is available for the IR sensor, further enhancing its versatility and performance


The Chakshu 418ZR stands at the pinnacle of gyro-stabilized gimbals, showcasing an unparalleled ratio of weight to performance. Featuring a cooled IR sensor, optical zoom ranging from 18 to 275mm, and integrated image enhancement features, it delivers unmatched day and night image quality within its class.
  • Weight < 4200g
  • Daylight camera full HD 1920x1080p, optical zoom x30
  • Infrared camera MWIR 640x512p, optical zoom x15
  • Optional LRF, Laser pointers with various wave length