GPS + NavIC with Compass HCR-523

Elevate your drone operations with the HCR-523, a state-of-the-art GPS module that combines GPS and NavIC capabilities with an integrated compass. Designed and manufactured in India by HC Robotics Pvt., Ltd., this robust module sets a new standard for satellite tracking and navigation.


  • Increase your Indigenous Content (IC)
  • Local sales, support, and repairs
  • Low cost yet with global standards
  • Built on 16+ years of experience in flight controller technology
  • 20+ years of experience in electronics and signal processing
  • Rigorous testing: Extensive pre-delivery validation


  • Advanced Dual-Band GNSS Technology
  • High Satellite Tracking Capacity
  • High-end magnetometer for navigation accuracy
  • Rugged and ready-to-go design for extreme durability
  • Optimized signal path for maximizing signal-to-noise ratio
  • Precise triggering of cameras using the timing pulse for synchronized operations
  • Rapid satellite fix with battery-backed Almanac ensuring faster satellite acquisition times
  • Powerful microcontroller for adaptive real-time operations
  • Ardupilot AP-Periph Firmware Ensures seamless operation, bug fixes, and compatibility with updates


  • U-blox 10th Generation dual-band GNSS Module (NEO-F10N) with support for L1 and L5 signals
  • Position accuracy up to 1m CEP
  • Navigation Update Rate up to 10Hz
  • CAN, USB (GPS only), PPS IO Connectors
  • DroneCAN up to 8Mbit/s on FDCAN-enabled devices
made in india

Experience the future of precision navigation with the HCR-523 GPS NavIC with Compass

  • Proprietary dual-band multipath mitigation ensures meter-level accuracy, even in challenging urban environments
  • Tracks up to 20 satellites, including NavIC (IRNSS) constellations for superior positioning accuracy
  • Features the industry-leading PNI RM-3100 geomagnetic sensor for high gain, rapid sampling rates, and zero hysteresis
  • Exposes USB connection and precise timing pulse (PPS)
  • Special attention to the routing from antenna to chip for impedance matching
  • Rough-terrain durability with integrated dust and water resistance
  • Undergoes extensive post-production testing to ensure reliability right out of the box
  • Equipped with the STM32G4 microcontroller for adaptive real-time operations and high-speed embedded memories
Model HCR-523 GPS NavIC
Receiver Type U-blox 10th Generation dual-band GNSS Module (NEO-F10N)
Satellite Constellations GPS / QZSS L1C/A (1575.42 MHz), L5 (1176.450 MHz)
Galileo E1-B/C (1575.42 MHz), E5a (1176.450 MHz)
BeiDou B1C (1575.42 MHz), B2a (1176.450 MHz)
NavIC SPS-L5 (1176.450 MHz)
Positioning Accuracy 1m CEP
Processor STM32G4 Microcontroller
Geomagnetic Sensor PNI RM3100
Navigation Update Rate 10hz max
IO Connectors CAN, USB (GPS Only), PPS
Mating Connector JST-GHR-06V-S
Communication Protocol for Drone DroneCAN up to 8Mbit/s on FDCAN enabled devices
Supply Voltage 4.75vDC to 5.5vDC
Operating Current 65mA
Operating Temperature -10°C to +55°C
Dimensions 69.6×69.6×24.8 mm
Weight 65g