Truly3D Lidar Viewer is a powerful, web-based platform that enables users to explore three-dimensional point cloud datasets captured by Lidar sensors. TRuly3D Lidar viewer delivers three-dimensional laser scanning services for surveying and mapping, terrain modeling, measurements, infrastructure inspection and asset inventory management with specialized tools for Telecom Engineering.


  • Unparalleled clarity with precise overlay of high-resolution 72MP panoramic images onto point cloud data
  • Callouts, highlights, cylindrical clip features
  • Precise measurement marking, and utility tools designed for user convenience
  • Custom-designed tools for Pole Loading Analysis
  • Export to KML, JSON, and Shapefiles
  • Cloud and On-premise solutions


  • Corridor survey and mapping
  • Field data for regulatory compliances
  • Field data for permit application processing
  • Pole data collection/Pole inspections
  • Asset mapping
  • 3D visualizations and walk-through
  • Vegetation management