Telecom Pole Asset Monitoring System Using AI

Our Telecom Pole Asset Monitoring System employs advanced AI technology to detect telecom poles and their attachments in high-resolution images, identifying cable-related infractions for efficient asset management. This solution ensures that telecom networks are maintained at optimal functionality through precise and timely inspections

Key features: 

High-Resolution Image Analysis: Uses AI to analyze high-resolution images, accurately identifying telecom poles and their various attachments
AI-Driven Monitoring: Incorporates machine learning algorithms that improve over time, enhancing the system’s ability to spot potential issues before they escalate
Automated Reporting: Generates detailed reports on pole conditions and infractions, streamlining the process of asset management and regulatory compliance


Enhanced Asset Management: Offers a comprehensive view of asset health, facilitating efficient management and maintenance scheduling
Increased Operational Efficiency: Speeds up the inspection process and reduces the need for manual inspections, lowering operational costs
Improved Safety and Compliance: Helps maintain infrastructure to regulatory standards, ensuring safety and reducing the risk of penalties
Data-Driven Decision Making: Provides actionable data that supports informed decision-making in infrastructure management
Scalability: Easily adaptable to different geographic areas and scales of operation, suitable for both small and large telecom providers