Elevate your runway safety standards with our Advanced Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Detection System. Designed to meet the unique needs of airports worldwide, our customizable solution combines cutting-edge imaging technology with advanced artificial intelligence for real-time detection and alerting, ensuring swift response to potential hazards on airport runways.

Key features: 

High-Resolution Imaging: Capture detailed imagery of runway surfaces for precise FOD detection
Precision Detection: Capable of detecting objects as small as 5 mm, our system ensures thorough identification of potential hazards on the runway, with specific location details provided
Vehicle-Mounted Deployment: Deploy our solution directly onto specialized electric vehicles for efficient and comprehensive coverage of runway surfaces
Audio-Visual Alarm: Upon detecting FOD, our system triggers an immediate audio-visual alarm, alerting ground personnel for prompt intervention.
Customization Options: Tailor the system to your airport’s unique needs, including coverage area, detection sensitivity, and alerting preferences.