AI-based Surveillance System for Construction Industry

Our AI-Based Surveillance System revolutionizes construction site management by providing a cloud-based, AI-driven platform that enhances safety and compliance. The system integrates sophisticated surveillance capabilities, including real-time monitoring of personnel and vehicles, PPE compliance detection, and advanced fire detection. Designed to adapt effortlessly to diverse site conditions, it scales seamlessly with your projects, ensuring a robust and comprehensive approach to site safety and efficient management.

Key features: 

Critical Area Monitoring: Scans critical zones to maintain safety and prevent unauthorized access
Intrusion Detection: Alerts instantly when detecting unauthorized access in restricted areas
Occupancy Analytics: Provides data on site occupancy for safety and workforce management
Overcrowd Detection: Alerts when occupancy exceeds safety thresholds to prevent hazards
Entry/Exit Management: Monitors and logs entry and exit, ensuring only authorized access
Wrong Parking Detection: Monitors parking compliance, maintaining order and preventing obstructions
PPE Violations Detection: Uses AI to ensure compliance with personal protective equipment requirements
ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition): Recognizes and logs vehicle plates for security and access control
Fire Detection: Sensors detect fire, triggering immediate alerts and responses
Smoke Detection: Identifies smoke quickly, enhancing response to potential fires
Water Leakage Detection: Detects water leaks to prevent damage and protect equipment.


Multiple Cameras Support: Integrates numerous cameras for complete site coverage
Scalable Architecture: Easily expands to meet growing project needs
Real-Time Live Streaming: Streams live video with highlights of critical events for immediate attention
Customizable Algorithm Settings: Each camera can be customized with specific algorithms to suit different site areas
Instant Notifications: Sends alerts instantly when important events are detected
Comprehensive Dashboard: Provides a central hub for real-time data visualization, system management, and analytics, simplifying the monitoring process and enhancing decision-making


Enhanced Security: Continuous, multi-camera surveillance prevents unauthorized access and enhances site safety
Safety Compliance: Automated alerts for safety violations ensure adherence to regulations and reduce accident risks
Operational Efficiency: Real-time monitoring and instant alerts enable quick responses, streamlining site management
Scalability: Adapts easily to project growth, providing a versatile and cost-effective security solution
Remote Management: Manage surveillance from anywhere, ensuring control and oversight at all times
Cost Savings: Reduces manual monitoring and operational costs, enhancing overall budget efficiency

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