Our system specializes in identifying cable infractions on telecom poles using Lidar point cloud data, providing precise 3D cable segmentation. This advanced technology offers critical insights for maintenance and infrastructure management, ensuring accurate and efficient analysis.

Key features: 

Lidar Data Utilization: Employs Lidar technology to capture detailed three-dimensional point cloud data, enabling precise mapping and analysis of cable networks
3D Cable Segmentation: Delivers accurate segmentation of cable layouts in a 3D space, facilitating better visualization and assessment
Automated Analysis: Streamlines the data processing workflow, reducing manual labor and minimizing errors through automated, AI-driven analysis


Enhanced Asset Management: Provides highly accurate cable segmentation, crucial for minimizing errors in infrastructure planning and maintenance
Increased Operational Efficiency: Automates complex data analysis tasks, significantly speeding up project timelines and reducing operational costs
Improved Safety and Compliance: Enables precise identification of cable issues, allowing for proactive maintenance and improved service reliability
Data-Driven Decision Making: Supports decision-making with robust, precise data on cable layouts and conditions, enhancing overall strategic planning
Scalability: Adaptable to different scales and complexities of telecom networks, making it suitable for various operational needs