Advanced Automated Aircraft Tracking

Discover our Automated Aircraft Tracking System, engineered to support both Air Force and civilian airfield operations. This system offers precise, automated tracking of aircraft during critical takeoff and landing phases. By reducing manual errors and increasing operational efficiency, our solution ensures top-tier safety and reliability in airfield management.

Key features: 

Extended Range Tracking: Our system is capable of detecting and tracking aircraft over a distance of up to 3 kilometers, ensuring comprehensive coverage of airfield
Automatic Zoom Adjustment: Features intelligent zoom technology that dynamically adjusts based on the aircraft size, enabling detailed and precise imaging necessary for effective monitoring
Incident Management Recordings: Equipped to record and store data related to specific incidents, facilitating thorough investigations and continuous improvement in safety protocols
Event Saving by Aircraft Number: Automatically categorizes and saves event data based on aircraft numbers, streamlining record-keeping and improving the ease of accessing historical data for analysis
Seamless Automation: Fully automated from initial detection to final handoff, this system minimizes the need for manual intervention and significantly reduces potential errors
Real-Time Accuracy: High-resolution imaging coupled with real-time data processing provides accurate tracking and immediate updates on aircraft movements
Enhanced Safety Protocols: With continuous monitoring and precise tracking capabilities, our system significantly reduces the risk of accidents, thus enhancing safety across all airfield activities
Customization Options: Tailor the system to meet the unique demands of your operations. Our tracking solution offers configurable settings and modular components, allowing for targeted adjustments to suit different airfield environments and requirements.