HC Robotics Tactical Aerostat is designed to provide real-time intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition. Our Tactical Aerostat is lightweight and robust with high mobility to achieve quick deployment. HC Robotics Tactical Aerostat is designed and manufactured in Hyderabad, India, adhering to the Make-in-India initiative. The system provides elevated Visual & IR surveillance to support SWAT/Special operations, temporary base camps, search & rescue missions, natural disaster response, border security, defence, oversight at sporting events, national parks, and public gatherings. Further, it can also be used to establish Radio/ 4G/5G communications during emergencies. The system is designed and developed in such a way that it can be deployed and redeployed quickly. The system is highly transportable on standard general-purpose vehicles. It is economical, versatile, simple, and reliable.
  • Quick deployment and easy to commission
  • Long-range view across the horizon
  • Search and Rescue (SAR) Operations
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)
  • EO Range: 10 to 20 km; IR Range (zoom): 2 to 6 km


  • Custom designed tactical aerostats of 8ft to 12ft diameter
  • Altitude 400 ft from ground level
  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to carry
  • Tear-resistant specialty fabric
  • Helium / Hydrogen gas compatible
  • RC/Barometric/GPS based Safety Switch
  • Airborne 5-7 days or beyond with minimum top-up
  • Easy to set up and erection in two hours by two persons
  • Cost-effective and user friendly
  • Payload:
    • Upto 4 to 6 kgs
    • Chukshu Gyro stabilized EOIR camera system
    • Radio Transmitter

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