HC Robotics tactical aerostat is a reusable tethered airship for round-the-clock aerial video surveillance providing superior image quality and zoom capability. The system is cost effective as it is unmanned and is very much user friendly. It can be launched and commissioned by maximum 2 individuals.

The aerostat is equipped with a high-quality, high-resolution, day and night gyro-stabilized camera system, laser range finder, laser pointer and radio repeaters and can remain airborne for many days. The fully integrated device visualizes targets at much greater distance and lower operating cost as compared to traditional ground-based systems.
The system provides elevated visual & IR surveillance to support SWAT/Special operations; temporary base camps; search & rescue missions; natural disaster response; border security; defense; oversight at sporting events, national parks, and public gatherings. Further, it can also be used to establish 4G/5G/radio communications during emergencies.

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