HC Robotic Drone

No more Fiction. Only Action.

HC Robotic Drones are distinctive unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) equipped with a Robotic Arm, on-the-fly AI based Object Identification, real time LiDAR distance measurements, highly accurate GNSS, IMU
and many other sensors. This Robotic Drone helps to perform various applications like gripping, holding, plucking, clutching, drilling, tightening, and various other hand emulation operations.

HC Drones come in multiple models such as quadcopters, hexacopters, and octocopters. Options include heavy payload, long endurance, a 60MP camera, multiple sensors, and many more. With the
advancement of technology, our Robotic Drones have the capability of live viewing of distant objects and performing actions that are beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS). Our user-friendly Drones come with highly secured software and ground control systems (GCS).

Robotic Drone Features:

  • Lightest & longest Robotic Arm
  • AI based Onboard image processing
  • On-the-fly Object Identification & Face recognition
  • BVLOS ready
  • LiDAR & INS system to guide Robotic arm
  • Semi-Autonomous navigation
  • Ground Control Station (GCS)
  • Collision avoidance
  • Return to Launch
  • Applications based cameras 2MP to 60MP
  • Design, develop and manufacture custom Robotic Drones

These features have added an entirely new dimension to the concept of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. With the Robotic Arm, on-the-fly AI based image processing algorithms, long distance video streaming, and application-based cameras our State-of-the-art Robotic Drones are a cut above the rest.  Our built-in collision avoidance and return to home features allow the safest possible flights for aerial access to dangerous and difficult to reach places.

The practical applications are virtually limitless from engineering, agriculture, disaster response, mining, land surveying, real estate, law enforcement, military and countless other industries.