Mini Aerostat

Mini-Aerostat is a lighter than air reusable airship filled with Helium gas that is available as a tethered and free-flying model. It comes with a combination of various payloads such as 50MP to 250MP camera systems, accurate GPS & IMU positioning system, Radio/5G transmitters, navigation systems, propulsion and many more.

It’s an economical and quickly deployable tool which takes approximately an hour or two to assemble, launch and can be operated by a single person crew. Mini-Aerostat is effective during tactical SWAT operations, search & rescue, natural disaster response, surveillance, border security and establishing 5G Radio communications during emergency situations.

The system generates elevated, actionable intelligence readily and rapidly. It can be deployed for five to seven days at a time, providing a persistent surveillance solution with round the clock operations, and very low operational cost. Nominal altitude for the Mini-Aerostat is ~400ft.

The system maintains a 360 degree visual range and is compact in size. The Mini-Aerostat is optimized for land deployment but has the capacity to meet the mission over water. The tethered version can be utilized as a mini-watchtower for video surveillance at temporary base-camps for Security forces, SWAT operations, public events, sportings events, security operations, national public parks, and many other
useful applications.

With unrivaled expertise, Mini-Aerostat provides reliable data that enables better decisions. The system supports Police, Military Forces, Homeland Security by detecting and preventing threats and timely detection of targets. It is able to identify, communicate and intercept by providing far greater radius coverage than ground based systems.