Computer Vision

HC Robotics stands out as an innovator with a robust suite of cutting-edge services and products. Our Computer Vision consists of image-processing algorithms to extract relevant information from images to make sense of them.

HC Robotics’ Drones equipped with our Computer Vision/LiDAR have been successfully able to detect various objects, for example missing nuts, bolts and faulty insulators on utility towers. Our synchronized multi-camera system integrated with ultra-fast image processing, and video analytics enables object recognition with extraordinary accuracy.

Once we are able to detect certain objects within an image we can then move further along the machine learning process with pattern recognition. Pattern recognition in data is especially important for more of the advanced functions of computer vision. For example, to be able to recognize an object from its image, the computer vision must be able to detect if the object it sees is similar to previous objects in it’s data bank.

Special Features:

  • Face recognition in <1sec
  • Ultra fast processing
  • Long distance recognition
  • Multiple faces recognition
  • Customized solution
  • Multi-camera option
  • Web interface
  • Video Analytics
Supported platforms:
  • Windows
  • Linux
Supported Input streams:
  • IP camera
  • USB camera
  • Video files