Edge Flight Controller HCR-504

The HCR-504 Edge Flight Controller from HC Robotics is engineered with robust features to ensure stable and responsive flight. Integrating advanced sensors, a high-performance H7 processor, and versatile connectivity options, this flight controller delivers precise control and adaptability for various flight conditions and payloads.


  • Increase your Indigenous Content (IC)
  • Local sales, support and repairs
  • Low cost yet with global standards
  • Built on 16+ years of experience in flight controller technology
  • Supply Chain Security: We focus on genuine sources
  • Rigorous Testing: Extensive pre-delivery validation

"Introducing HCR-504 Edge Flight Controller (EFC) includes EFC SOM, carrier board, heat sink, and cable set – all you need to experience ultra-stable vehicle control"


  • Effortless configuration, plug and play
  • Superior Form Factor and Connectivity
  • Unified connector offering exceptional flexibility
  • Seamless integration with most vehicle types
  • Digital power connectors ensure efficient power management
  • CAN connectors with precise digital power voltage readings
  • Extremely low ripple noise for enhanced performance
  • Ensures stable electrical environments for smooth vehicle control

Flight Controller SoM: HCR-536

Comprehensive Ports and Interfaces:

  • 2 high-speed FD CAN ports (8 Mbits)
  • 7 serial ports (2 supporting hardware flow control)
  • Optional Ethernet port available via custom carrier boards
  • 9 dedicated GPIO pins
  • 8 dedicated analog inputs
  • 4 I2C buses (2 for external use, 2 for Flex Board)
  • 5 SPI ports (4 for Flex Board, 1 for external use)
  • SD card socket for data logging

Discover the pinnacle of drone technology with our Edge Flight Controller today!

  • Simplified Calibration: No need for end-user calibration – extreme accuracy out-of-the-box
  • Extensive PWM and Servo Connectivity: Access up to 16 dedicated PWM channels. Supports 8 dedicated PWM servos/ESC with HCR 504B, surpassing standard options
  • World-Class Power Regulation
  • Intelligent component selection ensures reliability
  • Vibration and temperature tested for ultimate durability
  • Built-in buzzer for alerts and notifications
  • Temperature stabilized oscillator (TXCO) for precise timing
  • Built-in FRAM with 2 Kbytes or 32,000 bits for dedicated storage parameters
  • Sensors for added reliability and safety


Model Number HCR-504B
Main Processor H7 ARM® Cortex®-M7 480Mhz
FRAM 32kbytes for dedicated storage parameters
Flash 2MB
External Memory SD Card Support
IMU HCR-505 “A”; Integrated with dual IMUs for redundancy and precision
Sensors Dual 3-axis Accelerometer; Dual 3-axis Gyroscope
Dual Pressure Sensor; Dual 3-axis Magnetometer
*Customizable as per requirement
Carrier Board HCR-536 Required
Connectors JST-GH; USB-C
Interface and Protocol 8x PWM outputs; 4x GPIO; 2x FD CAN (8Mb)
2x Serial ports with HW flow control; 2x Serial ports
2x Power Input; 1x SWD (TC2030 Connector)
Futaba S.BUS compatible input
FRSky Telemetry port output; SIYI compatible
LED Status, mode, and power indicators
Power Input: 5V DC to 5.5V DC; Output: 3.3V DC
Weight 88g (FC with carrier board and enclosure)
Dimensions 80x55x20 mm – FC
Operating Temperature -10℃ to 55℃
Enclosure Aluminum case
Supported Firmware Ardupilot, PX4
Typical Vehicles Multirotor; Rover; Fixed wing; VTOL; Boats and general robots

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