Transmission and Distribution

Hitech Drones provide an effective way to inspect and monitor power lines with improved speed, efficiency, safety and during disaster recovery.

Oil and Gas

Hitech Drones helps in visual and thermal inspection, detect corrosion, leaks and other anomalies in oil & gas refineries, petrochemical plants and pipelines.


Hitech Drones are integrated with high-resolution camera and thermal imaging camera for aerial inspection of solar panels and farms.


Hitech Drones make speedier stockpile volumetric analysis with high degree of accuracy and safety, even for inaccessible sites.

Photogrammetry and LiDAR Survey

Hitech Drones equipped with LiDAR system provides millimeter accurate survey of large and overgrown areas.


Hitech Drones can be used for spraying pesticides precisely to specified geographical area and other agricultural utilities.  The special sensors can be used for evaluating crop and land condition.

Disaster Response

Hitech Drones can quickly and safely locate injured persons, inspect structures, track fires, and survey disaster damage.

Real Estate

Hitech Drones provide video footage of real-estate with accurate aerial inspection and high-quality photographs, which can be used for maintenance too.