HC Robotics stands out as an innovator with a robust suite of cutting-edge products. Our Face Recognition consists of advanced algorithms to extract relevant information from images for faster processing with high accuracy.

HC Robotics uses Deep Learning models to learn rich and compact representations of faces to identify and classify them in a large dataset of faces. Our Face recognition intelligence algorithms get better with time, and contributes to making human life easier so he can focus on what matters the most.


  • Face detection and identification
  • Face count
  • Face registration using photo/video/live feed
  • User defined threshold for face matching
  • User friendly dashboard
  • Security alerts for intrusions
  • Automated smart analysis and reporting
  • Customized solution
  • Video Analytics


  • Surveillance
  • Attendance automation
  • Instant visitor-pass generation

GAIT RECOGNITIONAI based detection of a person based on physiological parameters

Recent studies in the field of video-based pose estimation, people has found large potential in using only two-dimensional video inputs for analyzing human gait, captured with the readily available cameras. Gait-based person identification has become more popular nowadays due to its simplicity of working well remotely and can be done without the cooperation of individuals.

We have developed a robust workflow for analyzing gait parameters and building an easy to train model, used for building a data model on a custom dataset, comprising of lightweight hybrid neural networks along with combination of convolution neural network CNN, RNN and LSTM. Considering the main factors accuracy and real-time processing, we have built a system to deliver higher mean average precision on 4k resolution RGB images at minimum of 15 fps
Our Neural networks based Gait Recognition recognizes physiological parameters such as built, height, walking style of a person. These parameters are used for generating the gait patterns and identification person.

It’s generally difficult to collect clear data of a moving object with a regular camera, which gives less reliable data, which impacts AI model accuracy and training.

We have custom-built camera with direct image data output, having capability to capture fast moving objects crystal clear, and at 15-20 fps rate with 4k resolution. Even objects at long distances can be captured clearly without losing much pixel information.

We are also providing a user-friendly dashboard to analyze real time gait analysis, including custom enhanced image like adjusting contrast, zooming in/out the region of interest and many more.

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